Merriday School offers before and after school programming for school age children, ages 5-10 years old. The Syracuse City School District (SCSD) will bus students to and from Merriday School (*you must make all arrangements for transportation services). The school district transportation company can be reached at     315-435-4260.

Before School:

  • Your child will be picked up in the morning by the SCSD bus. *

  • Mornings involve quiet activities prior to getting picked up for school.

After School:

  • Your child will be dropped off by the SCSD bus.* (If your child does not go to a school in the SCSD they are still able to attend this program if there is someone to bring them from the school, Merriday does not provide any busing or transportation services).
  • Afternoons involve homework, reading, and playtime.
    • Various centers will be set up for your child to participate in. Including but not limited to art center, blocks, Lego's, housekeeping, puppets, board games, educational games, puzzles and Barbies.
    • Supervised outdoor play with a fenced-in playground and garden is available, weather permitting.
    • A healthy afternoon snack is provided.
    • Quiet rooms for homework or silent reading are available and teachers are available for homework help or advisement.
    • Children may bring their own toys and books from home, but they are responsible for their safe keeping of the item(s). Merriday takes no responsibility for broken, lost or stolen toys. We do have a no trading policy in place.

 Vacation Days:

  • Merriday school offers half-day and full-day care during the academic year when other public or private schools are closed. The exceptions are Labor day and other major holidays (see our academic calendar). We also offer care for closures of child's school due to technical or weather-related problems.  We ARE NOT closedfor longer school breaks such as spring and winter break.

Payment Policies:

  • Tuition:

    • Before School $40.00 per week
    • After School $70.00 per week
    • Before AND After School $110.00 per week
    • Half-day care $27.00 per a day OR add $14 to your B/A payment
    • Full-day care $36.00 per a day OR add $23 to your B/A payment
      • You are NOT responsible for tuition on a day that your child's school is closed and s/he does not attend Merriday School. You are NOT responsible to pay for days that Merriday School is closed due to our scheduled holiday closings or weather-related closings. *This policy does NOT apply to our other programs.